trophycup-bright series-hockey


Honor your Champions with these Bright Gold Plastic Trophy Cups with Accent Ribbon.  Features a High Gloss Finish, Beautiful Accent Ribbon and mounted on a Weighted Plastic Base.

Accent Ribbon Set is included with each trophy and comes unattached for multiple display possibilities. 2-Red, 2-White, 2-Blue Ribbons are provided per trophy


Examples of Displaying Ribbon Set:
Overall Champion - Red, White & Blue Ribbon Set
1st Place   - Blue Only Ribbon Set
2nd Place -  Red Only Ribbon Set
3rd Place  -  White Only Ribbon Set

The Ribbon ties easily around the cup Handles and can be cut to length to suit any size trophy.


Note: Overall Height is from bottom of base to top of Figure,
Overall Height is base on 5" Figure and may vary depending on figure selected.