Fantasy Football Gridiron Series III Award


Fantasy Football Award

The popularity of football among Americans is simply unsurpassed by any other major sporting event. American football has even more participants than basketball, baseball and hockey.  The football season in the country never fails to excite millions of football fans year after year. And it’s not just the NFL’s regular football season, but even the Fantasy Football season has become an event much-awaited for by football die-hard fanatics. 

Popularity of Fantasy Football

netTrophy recognizes the importance and popularity of Fantasy Football as it has beautifully crafted a special Fantasy Football Award – the Gridiron Series III, for the well-deserving Fantasy Football champion. This special Fantasy Football Award represents the Pinnacle of Achievement and netTrophy shares that pride through this full-scale, high-quality silver-plated plated resin football award. netTrophy has a special design team and craftsmen to produce this inspiring proof of achievement. 

Gridiron Series III

This Ultimate Fantasy Football “GRIDIRON SERIES III” represents the Pinnacle of Achievement.

This High Quality Award Features:

*Overall Height 23” - 7 lbs.
*Full Scale High Quality Silver or Gold Plated Resin Football
*Three Sided Black Tapered Column Base
*Customized Face Plate
*Selectable Fantasy Football option with additional side panels with set places for 8 plates per side.
*We maintain all records of your orders and Past Champions

*Graphic layout will vary with information provided and a proof will be sent for final approval before
production begins

NOTE: Free Inscription for Front Plate, any plates done after initial order is an additional cost

Good luck to all those participating!