bases-genuine walnut


Genuine walnut finshied bases, available in 4 standard sizes and custom sizes are avaialbe custom order.

Dimensions of Bases

  • GWB5 (Base: 5"sq) (Box: 2¾"ht x 3½"sq) (Top: 3"sq)    (Height: 3½")
  • GWB6 (Base: 6"sq) (Box: 3¼ht x 4½"sq) (Top: 3-7/8"sq)      (Height: 4")
  • GWB7 (Base: 7"sq) (Box: 4¼"ht x 5½"sq) (Top: 4-7/8"sq) (Height: 5")
  • GWB9 (Base: 9¼"sq) (Box: 4¾"ht x 7"sq) (Top: 6-3/8"sq)  (Height: 5½")
  • Custom Sized Base Designs Available - Per Request

Artwork layout proofs will be provided for final customer approval.
Attach inscription and logo files at the checkout area.
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Pricing includes all engraving for both Logos and Text
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