acrylic encapsulation-full color


Product information:

  • Create Beautiful encapsulations for any event. These are the perfect award for corporate events, law enforcement agencies, law firms and school events.
  • Encapsulations are air tight and come in a verity of standard shapes as well as custom shapes.
  • Lucite embedment process:

Lucite is a brand name of acrylic that is used in the process of embedment. A Chemical reaction between liquids and resin powder used in the process creates an acrylic, and under a controlled environment solidifies into a hard block. Your item is placed in a partially cured casting and left to harden. Once this process is complete your item is left suspended in the acrylic block and becomes embedded, a second layer of the Lucite gel mix is poured over the top to completely encase your item. Once the second layer begins to solidify the mold is then put into a pressurized oven in order to squeeze out any air left from curing. From there the block is trimmed down and polished to size and shape specifications.

Ordering information:

  • Email ( your text, logo and or any pictures and our staff will quote your project and create a graphic layout for your encapsulation for approval.
  • Production time: 4-6 weeks from final factory art approval.
  • Options available are color, size, shape, base and engraving.
  • Custom designs are available, email customer service.
  • Note-Approval on proofs are required before production begins

Free graphics layout with your order, our experienced design staff will create a custom encapsulation award layout for your event.

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