Engraving Services

netTrophy offers the latest in cutting edge engraving services, printing and marking technologies. We offer custom engraving services and fast production times. Below describes the many different types of services offered as well as detailed information for each process. netTrophy can engrave or print on most all surfaces.  Contact customer service for a detailed quote.



Laser engraving

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CO2 lasers generate a beam using carbon dioxide enclosed in a CO2 laser tube and generates a beam at a wavelength of 10.64 microns, and is ideally suited for organic materials such as wood, rubber, cast acrylic engravable plastics, coated steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
YAG lasers generate a beam at a wavelength of 1.064 microns and are ideally suited for engraving on metals like stainless steel, aluminum and plastics.

 Trotec laser

Universal Laser


 "Digital Edge" Full color UV printing

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The "Digital Edge" full color UV printer adds a level of detail unrivaled by other printers, the printer precisely lays down ink which is then exposed with a UV light to cure the ink creating a durable printed image. Since UV light does not give off heat you can print directly on vast amounts of materials without warping, including crystal, acrylic, foam core, portfolios, pens and card stock.

Mimaki UV printer





Diamond engraving

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Hand engraving (Pantograph)
Hand engraving allows you to engrave on very small items with precision, like the corner of a small lapel pin with your initials, watch backs, bracelets, pewter mugs, any unique curved surface.

Hermes hand pantograph

Machine engraving (CNC)
Computer driven software runs the tabletop engravers. Quick turnaround times with precision on larger bulk orders. Typical engraving materials are plastic, brass, aluminum and ADA Braille signs.

Visions engraving systems








Large format digital printing

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Large format digital printers are used to print banners, posters, signs, stickers, magnetic door signs and much more. The digital printer prints full color images up to 10 feet in height and no limit to length. Eco-Solvent inks are used in the printing process which provide long lasting 3 year outdoor durability. Inks are water proof and are an ideal solution for outdoor exposure to the elements.

Roland printer



Sand blast engraving

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Your image, logo or design is transferred onto a blast film as a positive. The image and mask are then exposed to a UV light, the lights exposure causes the image to transfer onto the mask material essentially creating a negative image. The mask is then washed out with water exposing the desired engraving image needed. The mask is placed over the item to be engraved, the item is then covered for protection leaving just the area that will be sand blasted exposed. The item is then placed inside a contained sand blast unit and then sand blasted with high pressure, leaving a frosted look on the areas that were exposed. Sand blast engraving is ideally suited for glass, curved surfaces, crystal and some metals.

Rayzist sandblaster






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The sublimation process is unique, this process takes a solid (the special sublimation ink) and converts it into a vapor, while transferring the ink onto a substrate under high temperature and pressure. This process allows for vivid colors on specially coated materials used in the sublimation process.Ideally suited for plaque plates, full color logo designs, images of pictures and about any image you may need presented onto a flat surface.  Other uses for sublimation are coffee mugs and T-shirts.


Vinyl cut lettering & logos

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Adhesive backed vinyl lettering is ideal for glass windows, doors, signage and any surface that requires lasting identification. This type of material is most common among all identification processes. Your image logo or lettering is cut out and weeded, removing away excess vinyl and transfer tape is applied to the remaining vinyl for easy application to a smooth surface. Ideal for both indoor, outdoor applications and is waterproof and UV stable.

Roland plotter

Sublimated Coffee Mugs

Sublimated coffee mugs are a great gift idea. You can create vibrant full color images directly onto a coffee mug. One sided, two sided or full wrap image application is available. Mugs can be created using corporate logos as well as photographics images.

Mug sublimation





Full service graphic creation

netTrophy offers full service graphic creation, and graphic layouts with your order. If you need assistance creating something, feel free to call and speak with one of our experts. netTrophy uses the latest in graphic design software and printing, including Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Adobe, Roland Versaworks and Visions Pro.


Custom award, custom trophy designs


netTrophy is the internet’s leading trophy company, offering standard awards as well as fully customized trophies and awards including Fantasy football trophies, fantasy baseball trophies, full color digital print awards, custom ribbons, custom lapel pins, custom signs and much more.  Work with one of our expert graphic designers to create your ultimate design.



Banners and Signs

netTrophy offers many different options for your particular signage need, ranging from tee-signs, full color digital banners, feather banners, EZ up signs, ADA signs, vinyl lettering and more, each offering a different level of visual perception and feel.