lapel pins-etched soft enamel

Soft Enamel Lapel Pin


Product information:

  • Create beautiful custom lapel pins for any event
  • PMS colors can be matched.
  • Soft enamel die struck and photo etched pins are a more cost effective method of manufacturing.

A less expensive version of a hard enamel Cloisonné pin. They are chemically etched or die struck into the metal and filled with soft enamel in the recessed areas. They are hand filled with PMS matched enamel paints that are placed into the recessed area of the photo etched or die struck emblem maintaining  separation of colors due to the raised edges of the metal.  The pins are then Kiln fired to amazing color and detail. Epoxy dome (optional) can be added for better protection and to accent visual highlights to give your pin a more elegant and shiny look.

Ordering information:

  • Email your text, logo and or any pictures and our staff will quote your project and create a graphic layout for your lapel pins for approval.
  • Options available are color, size, shape, and engraving.
  • Custom Designs are available, email contact customer service
  • Note-Approval on proofs are required before production begins

Free graphics layout with your order, our experienced design staff will create a custom lapel pin layout for your event.

Production time:

  • Production time 4 weeks

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