lapel pins-cloisonné

Cloisonné Lapel Pin


Product information:

  • Create beautiful custom lapel pins for any event
  • PMS colors can be matched.
  • Hard enamel and Cloisonné pins are manufactured with stunning quality.

Cloisonné is the preferred method for collectors and traders due to the stunning quality and look of the pins. Your design is die struck into a metal base, creating cavities and recesses. Then color is applied by hand, the pigments are made from pigmented sand and matched with the Cloisonné shade of your choice. The pins are then blasted in an oven set to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, effectively turning the color fill to glass. The pin cannot be overfilled and sanded down like hard enamel pins, so multiple applications of color and placement in the oven is required to completely fill the recesses. Then the pin(s) are cleaned up and polished before they are finished.

Ordering information:

  • Email your text, logo and or any pictures and our staff will quote your project and create a graphic layout for your lapel pins for approval.
  • Options available are color, size, shape, and engraving.
  • Custom Designs are available, email contact customer service
  • Note-Approval on proofs are required before production begins

Free graphics layout with your order, our experienced design staff will create a custom lapel pin layout for your event.

Production time:

  • Production time 4-6 weeks

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