Funny Custom Trophies

Whether used as part of a workplace or corporate party, or as a personal gag that’s presented all in good fun, funny custom trophies are a great way to earn a laugh, make a good-natured joke, and also let someone know they’re special.  

These trophies can feature silly topping figures and inscriptions that dub the recipient with a humorous title or in recognition of a facetious achievement or milestone. As with all of our trophies, it’s easy to incorporate company logos and other graphics.

A free graphics layout is provided with our products. We’re also pleased to offer free shipping on purchases of $100 or more when you place your order through our website.

Funny Custom Medallions, Plaques, And More

In addition to statues, cups, and other styles of trophies, custom funny awards include plaques, medallions, and ribbons. These awards have features that vary based on the style and they too allow for many different customization possibilities.

Like our trophies, they are made from high-quality materials so they’ll be sure to delight the honoree and will look attractive in any display. 

Sourcing Funny Custom Trophies Online

We’re on a mission to reliably serve our customers, and providing an efficient method for selecting and customizing products online is part of meeting that goal. Whether you require an easy means of customizing fishing awardsbasketball ribbons, and academic medallions online, or you'd like one on one assistance creating the perfect custom trophy, we can assist you.  

You can browse and select individual elements directly through our catalog. You also have the option of working with one of our design specialists who will help you achieve the results you envision.

Why Choose Us As Your Supplier?

Our customers continue to choose us because of our comprehensive selection, competitive pricing, and our ability to fulfill orders fast. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your requests receive careful attention and that you’ll be pleased with your purchase.

If you require customizations that exceed the options available through our website, if you’d like to learn more about our capabilities, or if you have questions, call us toll-free or email us.