Diamond Engraving

The machine run CNC engraver and the hand operated pantograph are used to engrave detailed information and images into metals such as brass and aluminum. The pantograph is excellent for very fine detailed work on smaller objects such as wathces, pens and braclets, while the CNC is set up to run high productin industrial engraving on a multitude of surfaces with an image or logo requested. Since a diamond is considered the hardest natural material, they are ideally suited for the engraving process. The very fine tip of the engraver is dragged across the metal, carving out the design. Once complete an oxidizer is applied to the metal causing the etched areas to darken, the oxidizer is optional but can be added to the finished product.

  • Oxidizer (optional) turns underlying exposed metal black
  • Wide range of burnisher and carbide diamond tip diameters
    • Burnisher heads - etching
    • Carbide heads - cutting and routing